Our Philosophy

We place a high value on providing objective legal advice, on efficiency, on creativity in problem solving and in transparency. We aim to provide you with fast effective assistance in addressing your legal needs. As your legal partner, with extensive experience in courtroom, administrative and economic matters, we retain professionalism in representing your interests. This includes informing you about the chances and risks of legal actions as well as transparency on potential costs. We consider our independence as lawyers, financially and intellectually, to be of importance and of value in providing advice to our clients.

Consensus oriented - alternative to courtroom solutions

Courtroom hearings are time and cost intensive. The results of such hearings can be hard to predict. Before we enter courtroom procedures, our activities focus on dialogue with the opposing party – where this is appropriate and in your interests. It is our professional view that, where possible, courtroom proceedings should be avoided where mutual solutions can be found. This approach saves both costs and frustrations.


A personal relation of trust is very important to us. It is the basis for understanding and appreciating the needs of our clients, to successfully represent them and achieve appropriate resolutions to legal needs. We enjoy our work and feel that being a part of legal challenges enhances our quality of life. Empathy is key in our work and in our experience, we have often found that good understanding of others is essential in finding good solutions.